Many people say they had no idea that this was a thing!

Our pets, equine partners, and yes our farm animals are members of our family. They bring us joy and enrich our lives with their unique personalities. While it has been common for us to display portraits of ourselves and our family members in our homes for hundreds of years, having portraits of our fur family is a relatively new concept. We all have hundreds of snapshots of our pets in photo albums or on our phones. If you're like most animal lovers, you take every opportunity to capture pictures of your animals in the right light or doing something adorable; and if you're like a lot of animal owners, many of those pictures are OK or cute but may not be what you would enlarge, print and hang in the living room.

Animal portraiture does not have to be stiff, awkward poses with forced expressions. We love our pets unconditionally, their goofy expressions, loving personalities and perfect imperfections - those are the attributes we want to capture and display. From action and candid portraits to posed formal portraits, a professional photographer ensures that the photographs that adorn your home are always beautiful.

There are many reasons to get professional animal portraits done by a photographer who specializes in animal photography. From the right lighting and composition to timing and posing for that perfect shot, having a professional there to capture the character of your pet and the special moments you share is priceless. A professional photographer has the right gear (with backups) and the experience to provide beautiful, quality prints and wall art that compliment your home and allow your pets, horses or ranch stock to be presented in feature areas along with other loved family portraits.

Your professional pet/animal photo shoot should be a unique and enjoyable experience. It starts with a consultation between yourself and the photographer to discuss the process, your expectations and how to prepare you and your animals. The day of your shoot.... relax, have fun and don't stress over the imperfect perfections. Your photographer is a pro, and as such knows how to get amazing images in the best, and what can sometimes feel like less than best moments. A professional photographer is experienced to handle each situation as it unfolds, creating amazing images to cherish for a lifetime. This is why you hired a professional photographer.