Someone's gotta love him, why not me?

Even though Angela had wanted a Chinese Crested for a long time, Harry was definitely not what she had pictured in her mind.

When a neighbor told Angela that his mother had a Chinese Crested, Angela told him that that was her dream dog. Then a year later, that same neighbor told Angela that his mom was going in to a home and could not take Harry. He asked Angela if she could give Harry a home.

At first glance, Angela thought, nope, that is not what I pictured and decided against taking Harry home. In fact, her first thought was "Good heavens, what an ugly dog". But over the next couple of days Angela could not forget about Harry. She said to herself someone's gotta love him, why not me. The decision was made to take Harry home!

Angela started taking Harry to pet shows, and outings. She quickly discovered that everyone is drawn to Harry! They comment on his unique looks and how much they love his personality.

Of course now Angela could not imagine not loving Harry. He won her over as soon as he was home. Seeing how much joy he brings others makes her so thankful their paths crossed.

Angela spends weekends taking Harry to shows and entering contests for charity and fun. Harry is of course on social media with a lot of followers. He has more clothes and props than a runway model and loves showing off all of his costumes!

Recently Harry won yet another contest, which included the dog clothing mfg paying for a professional photo shoot. So here we are!

I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet Harry and Angela and to get some great location photos. Harry is getting older, and is not a fan of the fall chill so our outdoor session was not very long. I'm sure being in a warm studio setting will be more comfortable so we are planning more sessions in the near future..... stay tuned to see more of Harry.